Shipping Policy with Delivery Service


【請注意,從國際賣家發貨的物品, 送貨期限及清關期間可能會出現延誤。】

產品提供送貨服務。所有订单的運輸将在付款后的第二天处理不包括当地公众假期。我們的快遞夥伴無法在周末或公共假期送貨。,僅在工作日送遞包裹。包裹在不同的時間到達。一般國內送貨期限为3-10個工作日。而國外送貨期限为14- 30個工作日不定。請注意,從國際賣家發貨的物品, 送貨期限及清關期間可能會出現延誤。一切将根據您所选择的货运公司以及交货地点而定。


欲知更多详请,歡迎您致电 (012-12345678) 联络我们。

Delivery Service

This product provides delivery service. All orders will be shipped on the second day after payment, excluding local public holidays. Our courier partners can not deliver on weekends or public holidays. Therefore, parcels are delivered on weekdays only. The items delivery will arrive at different times. Generally, the domestic delivery period of time is approximately 3-10 working days. The overseas delivery period of time is uncertain and approximately 14-30 days. Please take note that items shipped from international sellers may experience delays during customs clearance. All depends on the shipping company and delivery location that you had been selected.

Please take note that this product does not include shipping costs. At checkout, e-commerce system automatically loads shipping costs based on the place of delivery and the shipping company of your selection. Prices and shipping charges are subject to change without notice, but the changes will not affect accepted orders.

For more details, please don't be hesitate to contact us at (012-12345678).