What is Crazyweb Marketplace

What is Crazyweb Marketplace

It is a ready-made online marketplace platform that special for those who have the desire to own an online marketplace under own brand name.

Why Crazyweb Marketplace

In terms of the platform: It is an off-the-shelf online marketplace system that can be used on all types of desktop computer platforms as well as Android and IOS mobile platforms. It all belongs to you.

In terms of branding: You can create and have your own brand name online marketplace. You can have your own design logo and mobile app icon. It all belongs to your own and be prepared for your future.

In terms of data: You can own all the data of the customer and seller registration and the sales transaction. It all belongs to you.

In terms of products: We are ready to offer millions over products to your online marketplace. Meanwhile, you also can recruit a new online store, and upload your own products in order to increase your products range. It all belongs to you.

In terms of profit: Regardless of who is the seller, as long as the sales are generated from your online marketplace, you will earn the commission from the sales. In addition, you can also sell your own products in your online marketplace in order to make more profits.

In terms of technical: You no need to have special technical knowledge in developing the online marketplace. You no need to worry about the maintenance, enhancement and optimization issue for the online marketplace and online hosting server. Because we had been done everything for you.

In terms of investment: 

1.  In general, you must invest millions of ringgit to create your own online marketplace platform. 
2.  Because you need the initial cost for online marketplace system development, such as system programming, online hosting server, product searching and etc. 
3.  It does not include the digital online marketing expenses in the future yet. 
4. Hence, to have your own online marketplace is not an easy job, not everyone can own it. 
5. However, the Crazyweb Marketplace is to make your dream come true. It is an inspiring online marketplace for everyone.

In terms of online marketing: