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Braised Meat Rice 红烧肉饭(叉烧饭)

Braised Meat Rice 红烧肉饭(叉烧饭)

Product Code: Braised Meat Rice 红烧肉饭(叉烧饭)
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We offer delicious roasted chicken rice, Hainan steamed chicken rice, braised meat rice, roasted pork rice, fried pork roll (Lobak) and dark sauce egg etc. 
You are welcome to order and we provide FREE home delivery service (within 2.5 km) to your door step.
Over 2.5 kilometers, the corresponding freight will be charged.
All orders will be delivered the next day. The time of receipt can be scheduled between 7AM to 2PM.
Attention: Closed on Tuesday. Hence, the Monday's order will be delivered on Wednesday.

注意:周二不营业。 因此,周一的订单将在周三交付。


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【請注意,從國際賣家發貨的物品, 送貨期限及清關期間可能會出現延誤。】

此项產品有提供送貨服務。所有订单的運輸,将在付款后的第二天处理,不包括当地公众假期。我們的快遞夥伴無法在周末或公共假期送貨。因此,僅在工作日送遞包裹。包裹会在不同的時間到達。一般國內送貨期限为3-10個工作日。而國外送貨期限为14- 30個工作日不定。請注意,從國際賣家發貨的物品, 送貨期限及清關期間可能會出現延誤。一切将根據您所选择的货运公司以及交货地点而定。


欲知更多详请,歡迎您致电 (012-3827049) 联络我们。

Delivery Service
This product provides delivery service. All orders will be shipped on the second day after payment, excluding local public holidays. Our courier partners can not deliver on weekends or public holidays. Therefore, parcels are delivered on weekdays only. The items delivery will arrive at different times. Generally, the domestic delivery period of time is approximately 3-10 working days. The overseas delivery period of time is uncertain and approximately 14-30 days. Please take note that items shipped from international sellers may experience delays during customs clearance. All depends on the shipping company and delivery location that you had been selected.

Please take note that this product does not include shipping costs. At checkout, crazYweb.my e-commerce system automatically loads shipping costs based on the place of delivery and the shipping company of your selection. Prices and shipping charges are subject to change without notice, but the changes will not affect accepted orders.

For more details, please don't be hesitate to contact us at (012-3827049).


  • 所有客户将被要求通过支付网关(VISA,MasterCard, CrazyPay, FPX或银行转帐)在线购买。
  • 所有客户将被要求以现金或部分现金加奖励积分支付其在线购买。这完全取决于零售价格的设定。
  • 所有付款均不退还,除非在退货准则之下。

  • 价格不包括运费,但包括马来西亚的消费税。
  • 假若市场状况无法预见的变化,价格会不时变化而无需事先通知。
  • 我们不负责国际货运海关清关或运送费用方面的额外费用。客户有义务在马来西亚以外的海关结算或货运,进行一切必要的安排。

  • 所有销售订单将在收到付款后的下一个工作日内处理。客户将通过电子邮件收到销售订单,以确认您的订购。

  • 所有产品的颜色显示可能与商品的原始颜色不同。这取决于电脑彩色显示器。我们无法保证您的彩色显示屏的任何显示是准确的。


  1. 产品制造所导致的缺陷
  2. 收到错误的项目
  3. 食物不符合衛生标准,存有异味或异样。过期食物,不可以食用。

  1. 原包装丢失
  2. 已经磨损或改变的任何物品
  3. 二手物品(化妆品和其他个人物品,如服装,成人玩具)
  4. 食物符合衛生标准,無异味或异样。無超过使用期,可以食用。

  • 如果您有任何投诉,退货或退款要求,请保持冷静,并立即与我们的客户服务团队联系。每周一至周五上午9点至下午6点,随时与我们联系。电话:(+604)6446998或 (+604)6467998,电子邮件:support@crazyweb.my

  • 我們需要驗證產品是否允許更換或退貨?因此,您必須通過手機拍攝產品照片或視頻,並向我們顯示缺陷或問題。如果無法通過手機識別缺陷,我們可能會要求您發送產品進行驗證。此外,您必須提供您的訂單编号才能完成驗證程序。

  • 一旦我們的支持團隊確認退貨,我們將向您發送电子托運單(運輸公司)。您必須打印电子托運單,並將其粘貼到退貨包裹上。我們將安排運輸公司從您的地址接收產品。如果您希望我們從其他地址(如工作場所)接收退貨,請告知我們。

  • 请确保包裹包含包装中的所有物品。确保包裹没有透明和密封。确保将货单贴在包裹上。

  • 您可以选择接收退款或更换有关销售订单中所述的产品。但是,如果特定产品缺货,CrazYweb将直接退款给您。

  • 退货或退款的过程只需3个工作日即可完成。但是,完成整个过程可能需要更多的时间。这取决于客户提供的信息。

  • 如果你按照我们的电子托运单程序,来回运费将由商家承担。

  1. 退款,退货或更换的验证过程与马来西亚相似。
  2. 如果您符合退货政策要求, 商家将承担来回运送。
  3. 但是,完成整个过程可能需要更多的时间。这取决于买家提供的信息,买家位置和库存情况。如果特定的产品缺货,商家将直接退款给CrazYweb,再由CrazYweb退款给您。

This sales policy covers all online shopping merchandise offered by merchants. The following general policy statements and terms apply to all merchandise offered by the merchant within Crazyweb.my online shopping platform.

  • All consumers will be required to pay online through payment gateway (VISA, MasterCard, CrazyPay, FPX or Bank Transfer) for their online purchases.
  • All consumers will be required to pay fully in cash or partially in cash plus rewards point for their online purchase. It's all depends on retail price setting.
  • All payments are not refundable except under goods return policy.

  • All online prices quoted are not include shipping costs but include GST in Malaysia.
  • If market conditions unforeseeable change, the prices will be changed from time to time without prior notice.
  • All online prices quoted do not include any additional charges incurred on international shipments for customs clearing or delivery fees. It is the responsibility of the consumer to make all necessary arrangements for customs clearing or freight forwarding outside continental Malaysia.

  • All sales orded will be processed to ship no later than the following business day upon payment received. Consumer will receive a Sales Order via email to confirm received your order.

  • The color display of all products may differ from the original color of the product. It depends on the computer color display device. We are unable to warranty that any display of your color display is accurate.

Crazyweb's consumers are allow to return products within 7 calendar days (in Malaysia) or 14 calendar days (out of Malaysia) from shipment date under the following circumstances:

In what condition do we accept product exchange or refund?
  1. Manufacturing defects
  2. Received in wrong item
  3. Food does not meet the hygienic standards, there is odor or strange. Food expired, cannot be eaten.

In what condition do we not accept product exchange or refund?
  1. Original packaging missing
  2. Any item that has been worn, or altered
  3. Used items (for cosmetic and other personal items such as under garments, adult toys)
  4. Food meets hygienic standards, no smell or strange. Has not over the use of period, can be eaten.

Contact Customer Service Team
  • If you have any complaints, returns or refund requests, please remain calm and contact our customer service team immediately. Feel free to contact us from 9 am to 6 pm on every Monday to Friday. Phone:(+604)-6446998 or (+604)-6467998, E-mail: support@crazyweb.my

Return or An Exchange Verification
  • We need to verify the product whether allow for exchange or return? Hence, you must snap the product photo or video through your mobile phone and show us the defect or problem. We may request you to send in your product for verification if the defect cannot be identified through a mobile phone. Furthermore, you must provide your Order ID in order to complete the verification procedure.

How to send the product back to us
  • Once our support team confirmed the return, we shall send you an electronic consignment note (The Shipping Company). You have to print out the electronic consignment note and paste it onto the return parcel. We will arrange the shipping company to pick up the product from your address. Please let us know if you would like us to pick up from a different address(eg workplace).

How to pack the return parcel
  • Please to ensure that the parcel has all the items including the packaging in it. Make sure the parcel is not see-through and well sealed. Paste the consignment note onto the parcel.

Exchange or Refund
  • You can choose to receive a refund or replace the item described in the relevant sales order. However, if the particular item is out of stock, Crazyweb will refund you directly.

How long does it take
  • The process of return or refund only takes 3 working days to complete. However, it may take more period of time to complete the whole process. It depends on the information provided by the consumer.

Delivery cost
  • If you follow our electronic consignment note procedure, the shipping back and forth will be borne by the merchant.

Buyer from countries other than Malaysia
  • The verification process for the refund, return or replacement is similar to that of Malaysia. If you meet the goods return policy requirements, the merchant will bear the return shipping back and forth. However, it may take more period of time to complete the whole process. It depends on the information provided by the buyer, buyer location, and stock availability. If the particular product is out of stock, Crazyweb will refund you directly.
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